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Agave Retex System Bundle

Start permanently straightening today with our Retex System Bundle. This starter kit comes with everything you need to offer our Retex System in your salon. Formerly known as Bio Ionic Retex, Agave Retex is a permanent thioglycolate-based system that will straighten the cuticle, and bring your hair back to life!


  • 2 Part System
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Good For All Hair Types

  • Benefits

  • Leaves Hair VIbrant, Healthy-Looking
  • Softens and Straightens Hair
  • Silkens and Smoothes Hair
  • Gives Body and Bounce
  • Adds Glossy Shine
  • Can be used on Color-Treated Hair

  • Do not use this product over hair previously relaxed with Sodium Hydroxide.


    x1 Retex Kit

    x1 Agave Protect

    x1 Agave Fixx

    x1 UltimaPro 1.5”

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