Known to many as the tequila plant, Agave is actually natures ancient smoothing secret. Present in all Agave formulas, Agave extracts provide the ultimate hair transformation and restoration. Derived from Mexico’s Weber Blue Agave Plant, Agave’s Amino sugars lock moisture inside the hair, restoring and maintaining moisture balance. Amino sugars form complex bonds with internal proteins to add strength, resiliency and elasticity to hair. Agave Oil Hair Care include other natural ingredients such as coconut, vanilla, sunflower and green tea extracts round out our squad to nourish and transform the outer cuticular layer of the hair, making it softer, smoother and shinier.

 Cruelty free , Sulfate Free, Paraban Free and PHTHALATE FREE NOTICE

Here at Agave, we pride ourselves on creating beauty products that are animal cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free and phthalate free. We believe in using natural ingredients to achieve healthy, hydrated hair.  We know you will love our full line of Agave Oil haircare products. If you have any questions about any of our ingredients and why we use them, feel free to consult our FAQ and if you cant find an answer there, please send us a note at




Say hello to our Founder of Agave, Fernando Romero. Growing up in the lowlands of Acapulco, Mexico, Fernando was taught firsthand by his grandma on how to make beauty products from natures garden. Our family tradition continues today with Fernando’s three sons who operate the brand and now bring you the modern version of their great grandmothers products, infused with the Agave plant to heal, hydrate and restore unmanageable frizzy hair.


Let’s go on a timeless vacation and take hydration with us wherever we go. Let’s make Agave our lifetime companion. Let’s heal our split ends. Lock in moisture. Restore our locks. Shine like a diamond. Frizz, adios!

Our promise is to continue our family’s tradition and strive for greatness. We vow to spread the love and educate all who want to learn about nature’s smoothing secret.

So pack your bags, join the fam and team up with hydration, because we are on an endless journey to help heal hydrate and restore. And we think that’s beautiful.