An intensive reconditioning hair treatment loaded with Agave plant sugars. Restorative Hydrating Mask hydrates and heals dry, damaged hair while smoothing rough, frizzy, or unmanageable hair. It polishes and restores elasticity, leaving hair smooth, shiny, and beautiful. This product is vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten-and cruelty-free. For extra shine add a couple drops of Agave Oil to the mask and massage in hair.


3 reviews for Restorative Hydrating Mask 8.5oz

  1. Erika Vargas
    5.00 out of 5

    Erika Vargas

    My best friend! I did not know my hair could be that soft, that silky… im impressed, this is gold… oh, sorry! I mean, AGAVE ❤

  2. Savannah Diaz
    5.00 out of 5

    Savannah Diaz

    we <3 the product

  3. Chelsea Hakim
    5.00 out of 5

    Chelsea Hakim

    This is incredible! my hair feels so soft for days after using this alone! its a tub of gold! the smell is awesome and it helps me tame my frizz. I couldn’t ask for more!

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