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Fall is here, and we are so excited! Read on for the PERFECT solution to saving your autumn locks!

There’s a freshness in the air, and we can be inspired to make BIG changes, including new hair cuts and hair colors!

But even with all the beauty of this pumpkin-spicey season, it can also create the perfect storm for dry, damaged hair.

Fall Hair Challenge #1: DRYNESS.

With the whisperings of winter upon us, the dry weather of autumn is right there with it. (There’s a reason the leaves are drying up and falling off!) Hair and skin can the be especially vulnerable to dryness and damage during this time of year. Moisture and hydration are KEY. But this means more than drinking water and using lotion!


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Fall Hair Challenger #2: DAMAGE.

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Fall is a great time for a new look! If you’re anything like my girl friends, you’re looking forward to changing it up this season with more wintery hair color. Warm colors like caramel and cinnamon are the perfect complement to a new fall look. Maybe new extensions? Maybe a few lowlights? While these color processes are super beautiful exciting, without the proper love and care, they can leave your hair super dry and damaged — even when they’re professionally done.


So what’s the key to solving both of these autumn hair challenges? We recommend a PLANT-BASED Shine Spray.

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Here’s why:

1. A Shine Spray is a gentle, but effective way to maintain hair health, with a quick on-the-go spray of moisture and nutrients.

2. A Shine Spray adds the perfect finishing touch to colored hair or styled hair. Bye-Bye Dryness and Dullness!

3. As you go out in the fall weather, a Shine Spray will protect your hair from the dryness of the harsh air – no matter where you live!

4. A Shine Spray doesn’t weigh the hair down, so your new look stays fresh, styled, AND moisturized.

5. Our Shine Spray has plant-based ingredients  — no parabens, sulfates, fillers, or harsh chemicals (Ahem – i.e. ALL of our Agave products!), so it’s not just better for your hair, but it’s better for you.

6. It smells AMAZING. Unlike a funky, harsh hair spray or a texturizing spray (which will dry out your hair even MORE, by the way!), the Agave Shine Spray has a refreshing, fresh botanical scent because it contains actual botanicals. (There’s a reason some people use the Shine Spray like a body spray — and since it’s so gentle, you totally can!)


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Choose healthy hair this autumn, try out the Agave Shine Spray for yourself! Your hair will love it.

And hey…we realize that dry autumn weather isn’t just about hair. It also affects skin! Check out our Agave Body Lotion for a SUPER moisturizing treat for your skin during this dry season too!

Stay tuned for more Fall Season hair tips and updates with Agave! Sign up for discounts and and more with our newsletter!



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