October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Agave is trying to do our part. Read more to learn how you can too!

October is a beautiful time of year, filled with autumn leaves, fall sweaters and cozy coffee drinks.  But it’s also an important time.

Breast Cancer affects more and more women every year. While more and more advances in treatment are being made, medical professionals continue to stress the importance of prevention, early detection and early diagnosis. That is why, this year Agave is donating 10% of our web sales to the Bright Pink Charity.

Why Bright Pink?

Bright Pink’s mission is specifically targeted toward young women taking ownership of their health as early as they can. Bright Pink provides resources and programs that educate young women about how to protect and monitor their health. The more familiar girls and women can be with their bodies and their family health history, the more equipped they are to understand and fight a health scare if it arises.

We at Agave feel so moved by the Bright Pink mission, because they are essentially seeking to reach our Agave audience. We cater to young women, and we care so much about the inner AND outer health. We want our Agave community to be as healthy and educated as they can possibly be, to take ownership and be confident in taking good care of their bodies. And that means more than just hair.


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