In a recent interview with NFL Running back Melvin Gordon of the Los Angeles Chargers, we asked him about his hair journey as one of the seven L.A Chargers to rock dreadlocks including his decision to wear them, keep them, and how he maintains them as a professional athlete.

This is his #MyAgaveStory, follow his story @iammelvingordoniii

“I am from Kenosha, Wisconsin. My dad is from Waukegan, Illinois and my mom is from East St Louis. I play football for the Los Angeles Chargers as the Running Back.

To give you a quick rundown of the story of my dreadlocks, I started out with a fade. I wanted what my dad wanted. I had cornrows at one point when I was younger, cut them off, grew my hair back, then I had the little s curls. I cut it off and then through high school, I kept the fade, and everybody had the fade. It wasn’t like what it was today with the Odell Beckham hairstyle. Dreadlocks weren’t that big.

I wanted to do something different, I wanted to be different.

My dad’s entire side of his family, every man in the family had dreadlocks. So, I started growing them out my senior year and it looked like little worms on my head. They gradually got longer, and I just went with it. It’s a big tradition in my family, my dreadlocks meant more to my dad than they did to me. When I got to the draft, I was like I’m going to cut my dreadlocks, but my dad begged me not to cut them. Honestly, one day in college I was about to cut them and then the next day I was like whew I’m glad I didn’t go! You know you get attached to your hair, it’s crazy.

What I like about Agave is the quality of the hair product itself. Without the right hair product, your hair gets super itchy. As a football player, I’m wearing a helmet all the time; my hair is itching, and I feel like I have to shower all the time. The itching thing is the biggest thing for me. I’ve used different hair products and my hair looks super white and doesn’t have that fresh look to it. You get your hair re-twisted and then your hair is itching and scratching and you have to shampoo it and shower if you don’t have the right hair product in your hair. So, it’s good to find Agave, a product that I like that I don’t have those types of problems with. When I put it in my hair, it doesn’t itch. My hair doesn’t look dry when I go out.

I look fresh I look clean, my biggest thing is when you go out and you hit the scene, especially in LA, you’ve got to look the part. You’ve got to look fresh. You’ve got to play the part. To be the best you have to be rocking the best…rocking with Agave, feeling the best.

There are times when my mom sees me and she’s like, ‘Your hair is super dry,” You know, moms know. Since I have been using the Agave Healing Oil I haven’t heard anything lately so obviously, it’s working for me.


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