Meet Kenzie Fear of @sugarplumlocks!


    What’s the secret to hair color health? Kenzie has the answer! 

Kenzie Fear of Sugar Plum Locks     
     If you’ve ever had the chance to watch a real Arizona sunset and see the rainbow of colors that paints the sky, you might have an idea of what to expect from Kenzie Fear’s work. Her specialty is the full range of saturated color work, from mermaids to blondes and everyone in between. But hair color health can be a challenge. So what is her secret?


  Because of the kind of color work and fun styling that she does, Kenzie emphasizes health, hydration and heat control in her work. It’s no secret that colored hair can get dry and dull, if not cared for properly. Kenzie does an amazing job of sharing healing tips and tricks that are key to hydrate and maintain hair color health. On her Instagram, she posts about what she uses to protect and hydrate her own “sugar plum locks.”


Hair Color Health Tips From Stylist Kenzie Fear


1.  Hold off on the heat.

It’s always good to regulate how much heat that hair is exposed to, whether it’s been colored or not. Kenzie recommends: “Remember with blonde hair, do not use your thermal tools on the highest settings — Always, always always use a thermal protectant, and keep the heat on low-medium settings.”

“Here’s one of my favorite ways to wear my hair when I give my hair a break from heat. Using my @agaveoil to smooth my hair and add shine.”

– Kenzie Fear

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But having healthy hair doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Known for her whimsical cuts, colors, and styling, Kenzie brings a fresh glow to her clients through her color work and her personal  joy and enthusiasm. From dainty pixie cuts to cascading extensions, Kenzie brings a diverse knowledge and passion for the craft to the table! She’s also a big fan of our Agave Healing Vapor Iron (It’s a 2-in-1 hot tool that conditions your hair while you use it!) Kenzie wrote: “You guys, it’s sooooo cool! You can style your hair while giving your hair a treatment at the same time. Who loves healthy hair?!”


If you do need to frequently style your hair using heat,  try to use a tool that protects and heals your hair while you use it. 

2. Moisturize hair well.

It’s important for any kind of treated hair to be moisturized and hydrated correctly. Achieving hair color health means incorporating a solid product or hair care practice into your routine, besides just washing it and cutting down on the heat. Kenzie recommends a hair mask that ensures thirsty, colored hair is saturated with moisture. “Do a deep conditioning treatment once ever 1-2 weeks, depending on how dry your hair is,” Kenzie says. (Check out the Agave Hair Mask — It’s out of this world.) 


Sugar Plum Locks and her rainbow-colored clients

3. Use a plant-based hair oil.

An alternative to a moisturizing hair mask is another secret to Kenzie’s awesome hair color health: a natural, plant-based hair oil.


Organic plant extracts incorporate naturally healing effects, so there is visible softness, shine, and restoration, even after one use. Many hair oils out there are nut-based, which makes them greasy or heavy. It is important to find a hair oil that is light and ultra-absorbent, to cut down on weight and dries.


Kenzie uses Agave Healing Oil not only for her clients, but for her own hair as well. Agave Oil has a plant-based formula. She incorporates our super healing oil into her hair routine, because of how healing and hydrating it is for all hair types — colored and natural hair alike. It’s a major secret to hair color health. While other hair oils are nut-based, Agave Oil is plant-based, so it is lighter and more absorbent than any other hair oil out there.


All Agave products incorporate this plant-based hair magic,  from our Shampoos to our Shine Spray. Our products are highly recommended for color treated hair.




“The Healing Oil Treatment is definitely my favorite product to use. It’s so hydrating and shiny, it makes any hair color shimmer.”

– Kenzie Fear

        We hope that you check out Kenzie’s work, and are dazzled by her talent and passion for hair. We believe in you, Sugar Plum Locks! Congratulations on being Stylist of the Month! ????