Curious about the new Agave ColorFest Street Art Tools?! Here’s everything you need to know to get one of these gorgeous tools!

One of the ways we are getting into color this month is with our new Street Art Pro Tools! To combine our love for color and color hair health, we are GIVING AWAY these one-of-a-kind Street Art Pro Tools with any $150 Agave order!

These totally unique, color-filled, professional-grade tools that will complement any hair type — colored OR natural! We love encouraging everyone to express their personal style, and these beautiful tools really help to do that! Kiss boring tools goodbye, and welcome in these vibrant ones!

Hope you’re as excited as we are to bring you the Street Art Pro Tools! Check out the specs!

Here are are some details about the Street Art Pro Tools:

1. Each Street Art tool is a unique, limited edition design!

These tools are totally unique, and only available for a limited time, while supplies lasts. These are salon-grade, professional tools graciously provided by Bio Ionic. Their vibrant, cheerful colors are the perfect addition to your personal beauty routine or professional salon!

2. Street Art Tools are not available for individual purchase.

Unfortunately, because these tools are only part of our limited-tie ColorFest Campaign, they cannot be purchased individually. ColorFest Street Art Pro Tools can only be ordered as a part of a $150 Agave products purchase. Combine your love for color, health, and personal styling. Stock up for your salon, or give the products away as gifts! Fall is a very dry season, and hair can use a bit more hydration!

3. Street Art Tools are a FREE GIFT only with a purchase of $150 Agave products.

After making $150 purchase of the Street Art tools, you will receive a ColorFest Street Art email request, where you will be able to request whether you would like a Street Art Pro Dryer OR a Street Art Pro Iron. The Street Art Pro Tool is a special free gift, so it will not be reflected in your cart at check out, but you will receive an email after check out regarding our free Street Art Pro Tool!

4.  Each Street Art Pro Tool includes a FREE Street Art Pro Coffee Cup! What?!

If you’re obsessed with coffee like we are, you’re gonna LOVE these coffee cups! The coffee cups match the Street Art Pro tools perfectly! You can enjoy more personal expression and hair health WHILE you enjoy your coffee, tea, or any beverage you please!




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