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Meet Vasi Vassilakis of @studiovasi!


Do you love expressing yourself with new hair styles? It’s fun to experiment with new cuts and colors. But frequent chemical processes and heat can create dry and damaged hair.

For some damaged hair solutions, we asked a star Agave stylist, Vasilios Vassilakis AKA ‘VASI’ for two tips on what to do! 

“Known as the ‘King of Hair Transformations,’ Vasi empowers each of his clients with a customized look that enhances their natural beauty.” With 15 years of experience and skill in the beauty industry, he knows exactly how to restore fried hair — so you can keep being fabulous you!


“When a new client comes to me with hair that’s been fried, dyed and left to the side, there are 3 words that come to mind. The first 2 I can’t share, but the last one is MOISTURE!” – Vasi

According to Vasi, the first response to dry, dead hair is a good wash with some moisturizing shampoo. Extra product buildup and dirt can add to dryness, but it’s best to remove it gently, instead of stripping what’s left of the natural moisture. Vasi recommends the Agave Smoothing Shampoo, because of its gentle, yet life-giving qualities to dead hair. The Agave extracts in the Agave products contain intensive, naturally moisturizing qualities that work miracles for damaged hair. 


“This is like Gatorade for the hair!” Star Stylist Vasi

Next, Vasi recommends a deep conditioning hair mask to really infuse lasting moisture back into the hair. A hair mask, either homemade or premade, will be able to breathe life back into the damaged or dull hair, giving it shine and bounce. Chemical processes such as color and keratin treatments can dry out the hair cuticle, and create frizzy, dead ends and flyaways. A rich, creamy plant-based hair mask such as the Agave Hair Mask, be able to protect what moisture is left, as well as saturating it with moisture once again. For healthy hair, every 2 weeks is a good time to do a mask. For damaged hair, once or twice a week is a good idea.

“I do a deep treatment that I call “Agave Infusion” — 2 pumps of agave healing oil and palm full of Agave Mask together. I let it sit on the hair for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off.” – Vasi


Whatever your hair needs, whether you have healthy hair you’d like to maintain, or you’re working toward getting your hair healthy again, these hair tips from Vasi are sure to be a game changer in your routine.

You can find Vasi creating magical hair transformations at his salon, Studio Vasi, in Hollywood, CA. Studio Vasi is uniquely equipped to be a hair salon and a photography studio. Vasi loves being able to live out both of his passions, right under the same roof.


For more hair tips (or headshots!) from Vasi, visit his studio in Los Angeles or online at studiovasi.com.  Or check out @studiovasi or @vasified on Instagram!











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