Big Scary Hair: How To Get Halloween Hair The HEALTHY Way!

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It’s Halloween, and there are lots of costume hairstyle ideas. Read these tips for how to keep your hair healthy and stylish!

Everyone wants to be a hit at the costume party — but not at the risk of damaging your hair. Many crazy Halloween hairdos require tons of hairspray, texturizer, or other products that ZAP the moisture right out of your hair.

Styling products hold hair in place because they contain harsh chemicals derived from alcohols and salts. Hair Spray, Finishing Spray, Texturizing Spray, and especially Colored Hair Spray Paint all contribute to drying out hair.

These ingredients in these products are effective for styling because they evaporate moisture from the hair cuticle. Hair becomes dry, stiff and brittle, so you can shape and style it the way you want!

It’s okay to do use these products once in a while, as long as you can protect your hair from drying out TOO much!

Here are some ways to make sure you get awesome Halloween hair the HEALTHY way this year!


The night before you’re going out,  strengthen and protect your hair with lots of moisture. This can come from a good wash or a hair oil, but may depend on your hair type and hair condition. Moisture will help to fortify the hair strength, and serve as a protectant against the heat and dryness from the styling products you use. Think of it as filling up your gas tank of moisture before going out!


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HEALTHY HAIR PRO TIP: A deep-conditioning hair mask is a great way to moisturize hair before heavy styling or chemical styling products!


If you’re using a hot tool, glance at the temperature. Before you start, consider your hair type and your current hair health. Most likely, you can turn that iron or curler way, way down. Using less heat preserves hair moisture and strength, so that it will hold styling and spray better. Turning down the heat is like getting more gas mileage out of the moisture you restored in the beginning — it’ll actually make styling easier!

Remember, if you can roast an entire turkey at 350 degrees, just think about what it’s doing to your hair.  Turn down the temp!


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HEALTHY HAIR PRO TIP: There’s a MAJOR lie out there that says styling with a high temperature is more effective. In reality, styling temperatures are different for everyone. To find out what yours is, check out our blog on Healthy Heat Styling.


After the party, make sure you have a hair health recovery plan. Depending on how hard you were on your hair, it will be super dry and FULL of harsh chemicals. Plan to give hair a good wash with ultra-moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t brush your hair out until you’ve washed it. Hair is weak and will break easily. Comb through hair only after you’ve washed it, and consider using another hair mask or hair oil to seal in the moisture.  Think of this as refilling the moisture gas tank, after emptying it out from the styling and chemicals.


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HEALTHY HAIR PRO TIP: Always check the label of your shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from sulfates and parabens! These dry out your hair even more. All Agave products are sulfate and paraben free!

Happy Halloween! Be safe and healthy with your hair! ????


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