Author: Corrin Zug

Damaged Hair Solutions | Stylist of the Month Pro Tips-1  

Meet Vasi Vassilakis of @studiovasi!


Do you love expressing yourself with new hair styles? It’s fun to experiment with new cuts and colors. But frequent chemical processes and heat can create dry and damaged hair. For some damaged hair solutions, we asked a star Agave stylist, Vasilios Vassilakis AKA ‘VASI’ for two tips on what to do! 

This week at Agave, we’re focusing on F R E E D O M.

We’re proud to carry products that make our customers FREE from the anxiety of dead, damaged, chemical-ridden hair. We help heal hair, with essential plant-based essences and extracts. So you can KEEP styling, expressing yourself and still enjoy HEALTHY hair.

A Word on Father Figures | Broadening the Meaning of Father's Day June 17 is Father’s Day, and it’s gotten all of us at the Agave family thinking: Father’s Day is an amazing holiday to thank and celebrate the dads, daddies, and fathers in our lives. But we want to acknowledge that not everyone has the same connection to this day. Some have distant fathers, or deceased fathers, or fathers they never knew. For as many beautiful, diverse humans there are on Earth, there are equally as many unique father-figure relationships and stories.

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