Goals, Hair Masks, and House Plants! There’s a New Moon, and we love everything that goes with it!

Why should the Full Moon get all the love? In case you didn’t know, even though the New Moon is dark and you can’t see it against the night sky, there are still some pretty awesome things that it can inspire. Read through our favorites!

1. SETTING GOALS ????✏????????????

New Moons kick off the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and this can be a great time to set a few goals! Whether it’s a new health routine, bolder strides at work, or a secret creative idea you want to pursue, it’s always good to be improving and adjusting for the better! New Moons are about dreaming  before doing; you have to start with an inspiring blueprint, before you can build. Are you learning about house plants? Are you starting a natural hair journey? Are you trying to start a business? Take some time with yourself tomorrow, light a candle, grab a journal, and get real about some real awesome goals for yourself! (And it never hurts to start with healthy hair! ????)


2. SLOWING DOWN ????????????????

Along with the fun of goal-planning, New Moons have a calming, introverted feeling to them. It’s the best time to maximize more passive, calming activities, to stop and care for your mind, body, and spirit. Take a bath, read a book, drink a cup of herbal tea. Whatever makes you zen, try doing something restorative and soothing to your soul.


Slowing down for self-care on a New Moon is a great time to do a hair mask. With the extra time in the bath, or while watching your favorite show, you can easily throw together a healthy mask that cleanses and restores. While we fully support homemade hair masks, our Agave Hydrating Hair Mask does WONDERS. We don’t want to brag, but it’s an amazing product. Our mask is full of rich, yummy natural extracts that hair LOVES. No matter what hair type you have, whether it’s healthy or thirsty, the Agave Mask clings tightly to hair cuticles and making hair noticeably strong and shiny, even after once use. Pair it with that cup of herbal tea and some meditative tunes, and your New Moon slow down will be one for the books.


Photo Credit: Dana Gagliotti, @danagagliotti

3. ECO-FRIENDLY MOON JEWELRY ????✨????????????????

What’s a New Moon without Moon Jewelry? We checked out some awesome moon jewelry to get you in the lunar spirit. Agave Oil is proud of our brand’s sustainable business practices, and we also like to support other businesses that are eco-friendly as well! These moon necklaces, rings and more will help remind you of the goals you set!


Photo Credit: Molly T. @fashionveggie

4. WATERING HOUSE PLANTS ???????????????? ????

Are you a proud new plant parent? Did you know that the New Moon is also a good time to water plants? Because of the weight the New Moon’s strong gravitational pull, the water in the soil and the roots moves more through the plant more easily.

If you’re just starting out on your plant journey, it can sometimes be hard to remember when you should water your plants. If you keep track of the moon cycles, you’ll always know! Check out this helpful tool to show you exactly when is a good time to water your plants, depending on the city you live in.  If you keep house plants around, take some time tomorrow to give your thirsty green friends a drink! (Don’t forget — this science will help hydrating your hair mask also!)

5. CLEAN SPACES ????????????????????

Along with slowing down and water plants, the New Moon is a great time to clean! If you need an excuse to put away that laundry or tidy up your space, take this opportunity, even if it’s just a few minutes. Set a timer if you need to, light a candle, and go!

It’s hard to set aside time for cleaning, especially during the week. But even if you only do one thing, you’ll feel so much better afterward! There’s nothing like a clean, organized space to unwind, enjoy a hair mask, and do some goal-setting.

We’re just OBSESSED with the New Moon, hope you can enjoy it in your own way too! ????