Agave Loves MAY | Warmth, Floral Hair, Mothers, and Baby Animals!

The Month of May is HERE,

and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Here are a few reasons why.

1. WARMER WEATHER ☀????????????

Can you feel it? We hope where you are, the sun is shining brighter and brighter and BRIGHTER each day! The days are longer, energy is higher, and it seems like everyone everywhere is spending more and more time outside! Warm weather brings shorts, tank tops, sunnies, and sandals.We know, we know, it’s not full-blown summertime yet, but it’s on its way and we’re STOKED.


2. FLOWERS (IN HAIR) ???? ???? ????

All the trees, plants, and flowers are in full bloom, and it’s such a sight to see! And we just love it when flowers wind up in your hair!  Have you noticed the Baby’s Breath trend? It’s simple, classic, and boho all at once!

Agave Loves MAY | Warmth, Flowers, Mothers, and Baby Animals!

Photo Credit: Ladylyn Gool


3. ¡CINCO DE MAYO! ???? ????????????????

Agave Oil is proud of our brand’s Mexican heritage, and we are very excited to fully celebrate this holiday this month! Stay tuned for our special Cinco de Mayo Email Feature this month! We have some special things planned!

4. MOTHER’S DAY ????????????

And speaking of holidays we love, Mother’s Day is also a major one this month as well. We can’t wait to honor the mothers and mother-figures in our lives, with love and celebration. Like everyone, we want Mother’s Day to be GOLDEN, since our founder’s mother is the one who created our special Agave formula! Definitely check back in with us on Mother’s Day to get a close look into the Agave Oil Story, learn who Mama Romero was. and what a beloved and creative woman she was.

5. BABY ANIMALS ????????????????

The smallness. The fuzziness. The CUTENESS. May is right about the time of year that Nature chooses to bring forth so many tiny, adorable animals, and we can’t get enough. (Our favorite is the polar bear at 2:00! ???? )

Who’s excited for May? Comment below and let us know what YOU are excited for this month to bring! ????






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