AGAVE LOVES Influencers.

But who are they REALLY?

Everyone follows a few influencers — But have you ever wondered who they really are? What they’re really like? Today, we’re diving deeper into a few of the lives of our Agave influencers!


Nathalie is a thunder bolt of joy. A glance at Nathalie’s Insta feed, and you might assume she’s all serious mugs and glam shots. But skip over to her Youtube page, and you’ll find quite a different story! Nathalie worked with Agave in March, and used our entire hair line to heal and restore her damaged hair!

No matter what, this New Yorker tells it like it is. She shares her honest, fun, heartfelt experiences as she chases her Youtube dreams with FLYING colors! Nathalie’s mixture of videos and posts will teach, encourage, and inspire. She’s passionate about practical, affordable beauty products and tips. She loves to give and receive great music recs (This video was our favorite!). And her most awesome videos of all often revolve around her Dominican family, the beautiful culture they embrace, and the love they show for one another. Agave is a family company ourselves, and we LOVE that Nathalie is so family-oriented and shares her love so loud and proud!

A fun fact about Nathalie is that she competed in Miss Dominican Republic US when she was only 17 years old — the youngest contestant during the competition!  She was strongly encouraged to wait a few years before participating,  but she worked very hard by educating and evolving as much as she could. Her hard work paid off, and even though she did not win, she finished as first runner up. And to her surprise, a few months later, she learned she would be crowned after all!

Nathalie explores beauty, her struggles, victories, and family moments across three Youtube channels — one in English, one in Spanish, and one for vlogs. Get to know her and the city of NYC through her eyes!



Melissa Denise is a champion of self-love. A glance at her feed will clearly tell you a lot, but NOT everything!

Melissa shares encouraging tips and messages about embracing natural hair. Our Agave hair care products helped her to hydrate and heal her own hair, and share about the importance of hydration for healthy, shiny hair.  Goal-oriented and down-to-earth,  Melissa’s tutorials and videos empower girls with thick, textured hair through lots of advice, great product recs, and even outfit ideas that compliment natural hair. Shegives amazing fashion styling ideas, and even some fun Halloween ideas!

Melissa was a 2016 recipient of Youtube’s Up Next Contest, where she received professional equipment and a week-long, exclusive boot camp training by Youtube to encourage her artistic journey. She has a really advanced editing style that showcases her artistic abilities and passions, so her feed is extremely unique. Most videos feature a personal, peaceful narration that explains the content in a relatable way, and she has a few videos that are creative short films!

Whether it’s her empowering messages about natural hair or her dazzling video editing, Melissa is full of big dreams and ideas, and definitely someone worth following.



Last but not least, we want to give a shout out to Dana Gagliotti! Dana is also a champion, but her passion is curly hair! You always want what you can’t have, and Dana makes an amazing effort to help women celebrate their curly hair, instead of damaging it with heat and dryness.

If you do have curly hair and you want to straighten it the healthy way, Dana worked with Agave to share how to do just that.   The Hydrating Mask helped to lock in the moisture, so that when it came time to blow dry, her hair did not get dried out or brittle. The Shine Spray and the Healing Oil also made great products for holding in the good moisture for curly hair.

Dana’s passion for empowering girls to be confident in their curly hair is so beautiful and evident in all of her content. She makes affordable, drugstore products a major aspect of her feed. But she also explores other topics, like skin care, makeup, and ethical nutrition. Dana is a proud vegan, and occasionally shares recipes (Dana is from New Jersey, and shared this vegan meatball recipe — so you know it’s good!)


It’s so amazing to see online influencers like Nathalie, Dana, and Melissa, who can share real, practical advice about embracing who you are. In a world where social media seems to dominate our lives, it’s reassuring to know there are influencers out there are passionate about self-love and self-care like these three amazing women.