A Word on Father Figures | Broadening the Meaning of Father's Day

June 17 is Father’s Day, and it’s gotten all of us at the Agave family thinking:

Father’s Day is an amazing holiday to thank and celebrate the dads, daddies, and fathers in our lives. But we want to acknowledge that not everyone has the same connection to this day. Some have distant fathers, or deceased fathers, or fathers they never knew. For as many beautiful, diverse humans there are on Earth, there are equally as many unique father-figure relationships and stories.

A father-figure can be anyone. An individual who takes passionate, sacrificial interest in your life can be found at work, at home, in a family, or in a friend. It’s someone who has taught you valuable life lessons, who celebrated your victories,  and helped you through struggles. Sometimes this comes from a real, present, biological father, and sometimes it doesn’t. Regardless of bloodline, age, or gender, we’ve all been shaped by a mentor or hero we look up to — someone we want to emulate, and who we need to thank for their impact on our lives. Father’s Day can be a great time to do that.

To broaden the holiday, we don’t want to ignore the celebration of fathers, but instead to include other mentors and heroes that inspire us.

Here is a list we’ve made of individuals to thank, if you’re looking to expand your gratitude beyond just biological fathers:


Sometimes our “father-figure” support comes from our mother, a sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or all of the above! It takes a lot to nurture and guide loved ones, on top of work and adult responsibilities. Our family members are so easily taken for granted. They’re often the ones who impact and support us the most! Take this Father’s Day weekend to show to some love to them!

Father Figures and Father's Day | Broadening the Meaning of the Holiday2. TEACHERS AND PROFESSORS

Just because it’s their profession, doesn’t they don’t deeply care about you. Whether it was elementary, middle school, high school or college, we all can think of at least ONE teacher we had who believed in us, who pushed us to be our very best. Teachers are often unthanked and overlooked (on top of being underpaid), despite the significant impact they have on our lives. Think back on a teacher who really made an impression on you. See if you’re able to let them know! It will mean the world to them. Pro Tip: Call or email your old school if they’re still there, and have them pass the message along – It will make their day!


Speaking of teachers, coaches and instructors can often fill the “father-figure” spot in our lives. From sports to dance, yoga to pottery, coaches and instructors start to shape our growth and development in a specific discipline, but it usually grows far beyond that. Regular practice, classes, or performances can create deep, caring relationships that mean far more than the basic skill ever could. Take a moment to thank or appreciate this guidance and love. Acknowledge the extra care and support these individuals in your life give you!


Do you have a close relationship with your doctor, stylist, chiropractor or other professional practitioner? These individuals often see us at our highest and our lowest, as we transition between life events, sicknesses, struggles, and other life moments. Their input and extra love is especially appreciated, and can actually alter the course of our lives, inside and out. Take some time to express extra care of appreciation health or beauty professional in your life, and really thank them for everything they’ve taught you and offered you in your life.


Even if you don’t have anyone in your life off this entire list, consider the abstract relationships in your life that have inspired you. Is there a writer, a musician, an actor, a historical figure or icon that has given you secondhand support and wisdom? Even if you aren’t able to physically thank them, it’s still very healthy and good to express gratitude one way or another. Set aside time to reflect on the impact these individuals have made on your life from afar, and use this Father’s Day holiday to direct love and attention toward this person’s legacy that has touched your life.

This Father’s Day, if you have a father in your life that has impacted and loved you, express love and gratitude back to them! In the same light, if there is a figure in your life that has impacted and loved you, express love and gratitude to them also! If you have BOTH, reach out to all of them!

Ultimately, this holiday is about expressing love to those who have unconditionally loved and supported us in one way or another. We hope this post helps you to do that, one way or another! 









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